• Ficus & Rose Age Defying Cream


      Ecotique’s Ficus & Rose Age Defying Cream is a face and neck moisturizing cream crafted to reduce signs of ageing. It helps improve skin elasticity and reduces fine lines. It has active ingredients that help improve collagen synthesis and in replacing lost moisture.

    • Gift Cards


      At Ecotique, we firmly believe that it is not the gift but the thought behind it that counts. A gift is merely a way of building and firming our relationships with people we love, an expression of gratitude. Ecotique Gift Card is a thoughtful and practical gift, giving your loved ones the freedom to choose what makes them happy.

      From birthdays to weddings and anniversaries, Ecotique Gift Cards make for the perfect solution for all your gifting needs.


      1. Can be redeemed online.
      2. Available in multiple value packages.
      3. Can be used for multiple transactions until value is exhausted.
    • Himalayan Saffron Body Butter


      Ecotique’s Himalayan Saffron Body Butter Cream is a scrumptious cream with a mix of natural, nourishing and soothing butters and saffron extract to help hydrate and shield your skin against moisture loss and prolonged sun exposure.

    • Himalayan Saffron Body Oil


      Ecotique’s Himalayan Saffron Body Oil is infused with natural Himalayan Saffron. It has a high content of antioxidants that help reduce signs of ageing, acne, sun damage and blemishes. It is non-staining and light in nature and hence is easily absorbed and helps in intense hydration, making the skin soft & supple.

    • Saffron Wellness Gift Set


      Specially curated gift set brought to you from the heart of India! Harness the power of Himalayan Saffron to keep skin hydrated and protect it against sun damage and dryness. The gift set includes Ecotique’s Himalayan Saffron Body Oil and Himalayan Saffron Body Butter Cream.

    • Volcanic Clay Face Scrub


      Ecotique’s Volcanic Clay Face Scrub is a gentle exfoliating scrub, suitable for all skin types that helps making the skin soft and smooth. It helps remove dead cells, blackheads and grime with the help of the multi-functional, mineral rich Brazilian clay and Polynesian lagoon sand.

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