• Himalayan Saffron Body Oil


      Ecotique’s Himalayan Saffron Body Oil is infused with natural Himalayan Saffron. It has a high content of antioxidants that help reduce signs of ageing, acne, sun damage and blemishes. It is non-staining and light in nature and hence is easily absorbed and helps in intense hydration, making the skin soft & supple.

    • Massage Oil Sensual


      Ecotique’s Sensual Massage Oil provides an effective solution helps partners relax, while heightening their awareness and their receptiveness. It contains a blend of essential oils like Geranium and Vetiver which are known for their revitalizing, aphrodisiac, uplifting properties. Argan & Jojoba Oils helps give this massge oil a weightless feel while providing nourishment to the skin.

    • Muscle Soothing Massage Oil


      Ecotique’s Muscle Soothing Massage oil uses a blend of essential oils in a non irritating and non staining base of Jojoba & Argan Oils. It helps reduce muscular inflammation due to the anti inflammatory properties of the essential oils used.

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