Our Philosophy

The ancients, in all their wisdom, realized that only in the lap of nature, lies the salvation of Man. These ancient and traditional concepts, as espoused by all the old traditional arts like Ayurveda, are making a comeback in the psyche of the modern man. Words like natural, organic, sustainable, are more and more prevalent in today’s world.

Melding this ancient wisdom derived from Ayurveda with more modern practices of aromatherapy, we have created a unique beauty care range called Ecotique. Ecotique strives to bring you the best practices of Eastern and Western natural healing in a modern form. Be it saffron from the Himalayas, Lavender oil from Bulgaria or Volcanic Ash from Brazil, we have brought together the best natural ingredients (actives) to make truly effective products.

But why stop at natural actives? We have all heard of healthy food, but how about healthy cosmetics? We focus on eating healthy, organic and natural food, but ignore the largest organ of our body. Our skin. Why use “natural cosmetics” which have a vanishingly small percentage of natural actives and are largely comprised of synthetic bases?

Ecotique cosmetics not only have fully natural actives but also have the highest content of naturally derived ingredients in the base. In our effort to maximize the “naturalness” of the product, all our cosmetic products are made with ingredients that are safe to use on skin.

In fact, we have gone even further. We are possibly the only company in India adhering strictly to the “Whole Foods” standards for cosmetics in all our products.

Alas, some sacrifices must be made, and there are some things our cosmetics don’t contain. They don’t contain parabens, no phthalates, no sulphates, no glycols, no synthetic perfumes, no harmful preservatives. All we have is what nature has been able to provide.

“Naturalness” is a way of life and must extend to every aspect of living. The use of “natural” cosmetics is a way of life and not a onetime effort. You must imbibe the concept in your life philosophy.

The basic idea was to develop natural products. Often times, when you say natural, it is restricted to natural actives. However, for us, the design basis right from the start was to use nature or nature-derived ingredients to the maximum possible extent. So even our cream and lotion bases are made almost entirely from Natural / Nature derived ingredients (we are in the process of obtaining Made Safe certification). Even the fragrances used, in most cases are blends of essential oils. Having seen the beauty and strength inherent in nature, we thought, why not use this inherent strength and bring the goodness of nature into our daily lives.

Sensory feel: generally natural products are poorly finished and foul smelling, lack the luxuriance of synthetic cosmetics. They are smelly, rough, oily etc, but using the latest scientific methods, it’s actually possible to formulate products which have the same or similar sensory appeal and luxuriousness of synthetic cosmetics but with natural /nature derived safe ingredients. We have worked hard to make this a reality. Our lotions and creams are as good or better than any other product in the market. Our oil blends and massage oils are effective and pleasant smelling. For this of course, we have leveraged Mr. Vaze’s background of the fragrance industry.

Multi-cultural approach: With being a big fan of Ayurveda, we also recognise that there are other herbal and natural remedies, folklore in the world, which are also effective. With this in mind, we have tried to combine the ancient knowledge and wisdom from different regions to make products that work. For example, our 5 earth scrub uses volcanic clay from South America with sandalwood powder, our Himalayan Saffron Night Cream brings together the king of spices Saffron from (The Himalayas in India) along with green tea extracts (found initially in Chinese folklore), our “sleep” blend combines the soporific effect of lavender oil (Bulgaria) , geranium oil (Egypt) and the properties of nutmeg (India). The effort has been to develop products that work and are effective.

Alternative to home remedies: Many people are used to home remedies. For example, Turmeric with milk cream or Saffron & Milk has been known through the ages for promoting glowing and healthy skin. But the combination is difficult to maintain in terms of consistency and sustainability. Here we have a combination of 3 kinds of butter (Shea butter, Cocoa butter & Kokum butter) in Ecotique’s Himalayan Saffron Body Butter forming the base which provides the skin with much-needed nourishment along with promoting a healthy glow.

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