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How to Properly Exfoliate your face in Four Easy Steps

Four Tips to Exfoliate your Face Properly

Skin is a key indicator of good health since it is the largest organ in our body that protects from germs and infectious agents. Apart from this, having a good skincare routine can help delay natural aging and prevent
various skin problems. In general, people highly care about their facial skin since this is the first thing people see when they meet you. This is the reason why we spend thousands of bucks on cosmetics and beauty parlors for skincare aids. Most of us already have a moisturizing day cream and a facial cleanser as a skincare routine and including a facial scrub ensures that you have beautiful, healthy, radiant skin. It helps in gently removing blackheads and other impurities. If you include this step in your skincare routine, you can get rid of patchy spots that appear even after applying your regular moisturizers. In this blog, let us explore what exfoliation means and the tips to properly exfoliate your skin.

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the outer layer of skin by using an exfoliant, which could either be chemical or physical. In general, there are 2 types of exfoliation, mechanical and chemical exfoliation. Mechanical exfoliation involves physically scrubbing your skin’s surface with a scrub or exfoliating skincare tool whereas, chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, involves the use of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) or enzymes that can be used to loosen the glue-like substance that holds dead skin cells together so they are easily removed. The best method to choose depends on your preferences, as well as your skin type.

Why it is Essential to Exfoliate Your Skin

Our skin, by nature constantly repairs and replaces itself. Due to this, you can be left with layers upon layers of dead skin not only on the face but all over your body. Exfoliating helps to get rid of these leftover dead skin cells. Apart from this, exfoliation can help in improving the health of your skin as well, by promoting blood circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The skincare products you use may not be able to penetrate deeply due to the presence of the layers of dead cells inhibiting barrier function.  Exfoliation helps to remove this top-most dead layer of skin and thus you’re making it easier for your topical skin treatments to sink deep and provide the expected results.

Is over Exfoliation a thing?

Yes, it is infact quite easy to over exfoliate. Exfoliation gives you real time results, you can feel your skin soften as you go at it with your scrub and the more is good tempts you to continue and more often than not we do continue. This is especially true with chemical exfoliators and the exciting tingly feeling they leave us with. Important question now is : Is there a specific amount one should exfoliate? There’s no definite answer to this
question. The time we spend on exfoliating our skin depends on our skin type. A simple guideline to follow would be, “If you are young and have good skin, you are blessed and Less is more would be perfect strategy for you. But if you notice, acne or dry and dull skin there’s scope to exfoliate more.

Four Easy Steps to Exfoliate Your Skin:

1.Having the right Facial Scrub

It is highly essential to choose a product that is right for your skin type. Even Though it is tougher with the millions of options available, a wrong product might cause things that you never expected.

Here are some tips on choosing the correct scrub that could fit your skin type:

For Normal Skin: Check out for something gentle with fine particles, as this won’t upset the pH balance of your skin or the skin barrier function.

For Dry Skin: The best face scrub for this skin type should have a creamy texture, fine grains, and contain moisturizing oils.

For Oily Skin: Choose a scrub with small particles like sand or natural fine shell powders and flower or fruit extracts, such as apricot, pineapple, or magnolia.

Most of the dermatologists recommend going for Natural exfoliating products due to the reason that using a natural skincare regime will have null side effects. There are even products that fit all skin types offering exceptional results. For example, Ecotique – a natural personal skincare brand that offers a unique range of products that suits all skin types.

2.Don’t Exfoliate your face too often

As we mentioned before, It is essential to avoid exfoliating your face too often. Doing so might worsen the appearance of your skin instead of improving it. For sensitive skin, it is advisable to exfoliate your skin once in 2 weeks and once a week if you have combination or oily skin.

3.Always exfoliate in upward, circular motions

During the process of exfoliation, pour the scrub on a the sponge and massage over your skin in small, upward(addition) circular motions. Make sure that you are applying just enough pressure to feel the sponge’s rough texture on your skin. It helps to remove the dead skin layer from the face. It is advisable to avoid exfoliating brushes since they are known to it causes rashes/irritations.

4.Last but not least – Always start with a Patch test

Before you choose or use a new product, you should do a patch test to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction in your skin. Dampen the area, and apply the exfoliant that you are planning to use. Wait for about five or ten minutes. If you feel a burning sensation, wash it off quickly and completely. If there is no reaction, you can move ahead with that product.

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