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Everybody desires a pleasant, stunning and beautiful skin. One product that assists in accomplishing this desire is Himalayan saffron oil. Saffron grown in the Himalayas are of the finest quality as compared to the saffron grown in other areas. This is because of the high level of active ingredients present in Himalayan Saffron. The oil obtained from Himalayan Saffron provides benefits that are not only seen from outside but can be felt inside. Various other types of saffron such as Poushal saffron, Persian saffron, Moroccan Saffron, and Spanish saffron are available but the saffron from the Himalayas is considered as one of the most potent saffron available all over the world. 


Rejuvenates skin: Daily use of Himalayan Saffron oil on skin results in dazzling and charming skin. The active ingredien’s present in saffron oil rejuvenates the skin and infuse new life into the skin cells. Saffron oil is one of the best natural nourishing agents available.

Provides moisturization: Saffron oil replenishes dull and dry skin through its excellent hydrating ability. Saffron oil along with the carrier oils provides moisturization and does not allow the moisture to escape the skin.

Reduces spots: People with dark spots and hyperpigmentation are also benefited with this amazing oil. The vitamins/minerals present in the saffron oil lightens the dark spots and helps to remove tan. It also reduces dark circles and imparts grace and glory to skin. 

Radiant glow: External factors such as pollution and internal factors such as toxins and free radicals make the skin dull, unhealthy and lifeless. Applying Himalayan Saffron oil regularly on the skin gives new life to skin cells resulting in radiant and glowing skin.

Free radical scavenging: Free radicals alters the natural composition of the skin making the skin look unhealthy and dull. Himalayan Saffron possesses powerful antioxidant properties. The compounds such as crocin, safranal, and crocetin, present in saffron scavenge free radicals. 

Anti-aging effect: The anti-aging effect of saffron is due to its ability to inhibit tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that participates in melanogenesis. Compounds such as quercetin, kaempferol, and monoterpenoids are responsible for the anti-aging effect of saffron oil.  

Prevents photodamage: Prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun have a deteriorating effect. This may also lead to skin cancer. Saffron oil is a natural and powerful UV absorbing agent. Quercetin is the most effective constituent present in saffron oil which is responsible for preventing photodamage.

Manages Acne and other skin disorders: Both the acne and acne scars are effectively managed by saffron oil. Saffron oil has an anti-inflammatory property which provides relief from acne symptoms and its antibacterial property kills the acne-producing bacteria. It also has an exfoliating property which lightens the acne scars. 

Tones the skin: Saffron oil provides even tone to the skin. Saffron oil opens the clogged pores and prevents the occurrence of blackheads. It helps in maintaining the natural composition of skin and sustains its firmness.

Reduces hair loss: Hair loss is a huge problem among both men and women. Saffron oil provides a trustworthy answer to this problem. Applying saffron oil on the hair roots helps replace the damaged hair and promotes the growth of healthy hair. 

Improves blood circulation: Saffron oil improves blood circulation. Saffron oil increases the nutrient and oxygen supply to the skin and helps to eliminate toxins and free radicals.  

Reduces pain and inflammation: Saffron has analgesic and anti-inflammatory property. In a study, saffron was found to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation in arthritic patients. Crocin present in saffron possesses anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative quality.

Reduces muscle stiffness: Applying Saffron oil on the skin by itself without a carrier may cause allergic reactions on the skin. When mixed with other oils, it reduces muscle stiffness and provides flexibility to muscles. It also relieves strain and muscle stiffness by improving blood circulation.

Though saffron oil have a number of benefits, using too much of it directly on the skin may cause an allergic reaction as it contains allergens. It is advisable to do a patch test on a small portion of the skin to know whether you have an allergy to saffron oil.


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