Sleep Essential Oil
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Sleep Essential Oil


Volume : 10ml

“Snooze routine for a better night!”

Do you toss and turn? Does your mind race? Ecotique’s 100% Pure Sleep Essential Oil helps ease your body and soothe your mind so you can get a good night’s sleep. Use it before bedtime to help relax and sedate your mind and body.

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Product Description

Ecotique’s Sleep Essential Oil is a calming bliss. Its use in your daily regime helps you have a good night’s sleep. It relieves from insomnia, jetlag and excessive obsession. It calms your mind, relaxes nerves to your brain and brings tranquility.


This oil is only for external use. Since it is in concentrated form, avoid using it directly on the skin.

Product Specification:

 Age Group   Adults
 Application Area   Body
 Benefits   Sleep inducer, mood enhancer, antidepressant.
 Best way to use   Mix 1 drop of oil in 20 drops of carrier oil/ cream and massage well or put 2-5 drops in diffuser/vaporizer or as an inhaler or Add 2-  3 drops in bathing water.
 Best Results of Application   In one or two applications
 Gender   Unisex
 Skin Type   All Skin Types
 Natural   100%
 Active Ingredients   Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Lavandin Oil,  Cedar Wood Oil, Vetiver Oil,  Orange OilLemon Oil, Coriander seed Oil,  Nutmeg Oil

Additional Information

Directions for Use & Benefits

How does it work-
• Sleep Inducer- Lavender and vetiver has a fantastic sedative property that sedates nervous tensions and emotional outbursts like anxiety, restlessness and nervousness.
• Improves mood and Supports brain- The therapeutic properties of lavender oil and lavandin oil helps alleviate mood with its strong aroma. It acts as antidepressant and helps relive anger, anxiety, depression and stress. It emotionally calms and soothes the mind.
• Stimulant- The oil acts as a stimulant for people who are feeling low. It also helps calming the sensations, mind and reduces tension. With active ingredients of lemon and orange, it adds to the freshness and blissful experience.

For best results use as per directions-
• Mix 1 drop of oil in 20 drops of carrier oil/ cream and massage well
• Put 2-5 drops in diffuser/vaporizer or as an inhaler.
• Add 2-3 drops in bathing water.


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