Sandal Vetiver Moisturising Lotion

Sandal Vetiver Moisturising Lotion


Volume : 100ml

“Have a smooth, supple and glowing skin everyday”

Create a protective barrier for your skin with Ecotique’s Sandal Vetiver Moisturizing Body Lotion. The deep smoky undertone of vetiver with lush Sandalwood has a heady sensual fragrance. This body lotion uses cocoa butter, shea butter and argan oil which attracts and seals moisture into the skin.

Product Description

Ecotique’s Sandal Vetiver Moisturizing Body Lotion has ingredients that are for deep tissue moisturizing and helps in replenishing lost cell ingredients. The Shea butter and Argan Oil in the lotion will leave your skin soft and supple. Sandalwood will leave a cooling effect along with a wonderful fragrance on your skin and will nourish your skin. Also Vitamin E from Cocoa Butter and Vetiver Oil will add the accurate amount of moisture in your skin.


For external use only.

Product Specification:

 Age Group   Adults
 Application Area   Face & Body
 Benefits   Hydrates, moisturizes, treats sun tan, slows down ageing and nourishes the skin
 Best way to use   Take an adequate amount of this Moisturizer onto your palm. Gently apply on  your body. Can be used everyday
 Best Results of Application   In one week
 Gender   Unisex
 Skin Type   All Skin Types
 Natural   96%
 Active Ingredients   Argan Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butterVetiver Oil

Additional Information

Directions for Use & Benefits

How does it works-
• Hydrates and moisturizes the skin- The Moroccan Argan Oil along with Cocoa and Shea butter hydrates the skin by replenishing the natural oils.
• Treats sun tan- The Shea Butter helps in fighting the free radicals formed due to exposure of skin to UV radiation and various pollutants.
• Slows down signs of ageing- The Cocoa butter helps in tightening the tissues. The Argan Oil helps in protecting skin elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in skin toning.
• Cooling properties- Vetiver Oil along with Sandalwood is known for its cooling properties.

For best results use as per directions-
• Take an adequate amount of this Moisturizer onto your palm.
• Gently apply on your body.
• Apply once a day.
• Can be used everyday.


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