Eucalyptus Essential Oil
eucaluptus essential oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Volume : 10ml

“Breathe Easy Everyday with Eucalyptus”

Ecotique’s 100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil helps to clear the mind and focus concentration. You will feel it deep in your sinuses and chest. It’s made to loosen mucus build-up, remove respiratory rigidity and ease coughs.

Product Description

Ecotique’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil is one of the world’s most familiar essential oils and is widely known to help with respiratory problems. It is also effective as a support to aching muscles and joints. Eucalyptus can simulate healthy circulation, bringing a feeling of warmth to the body. It also has a proven effect in stimulating mental focus.


This oil is only for external use. Since it is in concentrated form, avoid using it directly on the skin.

Product Specification:

 Age Group   Adults
 Application Area   Body
 Benefits   Eases congestion, relieves stress and                depression, treats muscle and joint pains.
 Best way to use   Mix 1 drop of oil in 20 drops of carrier oil/ cream and massage well or put 2-5 drops in diffuser/vaporizer or as an inhaler or Add 2-  3 drops in bathing water.
 Best Results of Application   In one or two applications
 Gender   Unisex
 Skin Type   All Skin Types
 Natural   100%
 Active Ingredients   Eucalyptus Oil



Additional Information

Directions for Use & Benefits

For best results use as per directions-
•Mix 1 drop of oil in 20 drops of carrier oil/ cream and massage well.
•Put 2-5 drops in diffuser/vaporizer or as an inhaler.
• Add 2-3 drops in bathing water.

How does it work?

•Eases Congestion- The Basil acts as a key ingredient in easing the congestion and clearing the airway.
•Relieves from stress and depression.
•Good treatment for muscle and joint aches.


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