Cell Rejuvenation Kit
Cell Rejuvenation Kit

Cell Rejuvenation Kit


Is your skin in need of revival?

Ecotique’s Cell Rejuvenation Kit is a perfect combination for your day and night skin-care. A highly effective combination of Coconut & Green Tea Scrub, Indian Spice Face & Body Pack, Young Essence (Anti- Ageing) Cream and Saffron Oil increases the activity of the skin’s cells. A perfect regime helps in increasing the skin’s tolerance to UV, Keeping it hydrated, decreasing the number and depth of fine lines, and makes the skin look alive, healthy and beautiful. Made of natural ingredients, it is a pure pleasure for the skin.

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Product Description

Regular use of contents of Ecotique’s Cell Rejuvenation Kit can show multiple improvements on skin. It helps ‘keep your skin look younger for longer’.


For external use only.

Product Specification:

 Age Group   Adults
 Application Area   Face and Body
 Benefits   Revitalizes and energizes for optimal skin, keeps skin firm, gives more vibrant and radiant skin and helps remove effect of aging.
 Best way to use   Use anti ageing cream once in day, saffron oil once in day (after shower or at nights) Use Coconut & Green Tea scrub and Indian Spice pack once or twice in a week.
 Best Results of Application   In 3 to 4 applications
 Gender   Unisex
 Skin Type   All Skin Types. Recommended for Dry to Normal skin.
 Natural and Ecocert compliant ingredients   90% to 100%
 Active Ingredients   Coconut Oil, Green Tea, Turmeric, Honey, Rose extract,  Karanja seeds Oil, Saffron strands, Argan oil, Peepal extract

Additional Information

Directions for Use & Benefits

How does it work-
• Revitalizes and energizes for optimal skin- The Coconut & Green Tea Scrub helps removing the dead cells, thus nourishing, cleansing and hydrating the skin in completely natural way.
• Keeps Skin Firm- The Indian Spice Face & Body Pack is a buttery soft pack that helps in reducing degeneration of skin cells and restoring elasticity of the skin.
• Gives you more vibrant and radiant skin- The Karanja beej, Peepal Extract and Argan Oil in the Young Essence Cream helps in tightening the tissues, protecting skin elasticity and reducing fine lines. It also helps in skin toning and along with rose extracts it works wonders in skin whitening.
• Removes age spots and heals skin- Karanja seeds extract and Peepal Extract in the Young Essence cream are a wonderful skin healer to keep your skin healthy. Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties take care of your skin from any redness and infections. Saffron oil is best known for its skin lightening properties that proactively promotes healthier and glowing skin.

For best results use as per directions-
For a truly elevating experience, follow a strict regime to scrub, apply pack and rinse it off, apply cream and use Saffron Oil for Massage after shower or at nights (in the order as mentioned).


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